BIM Academy

BIM Academy

An educational path for future talents

Our Mission

-        Enhance our quality in knowledge transfer

-        Acknowledgement and embracement of special talents

-        Promote research and innovation

-        Inspire others to reach their fullest potential

-        Provide professional development

-        Prepare capable and ethical leaders

-        Advance CCC’s CSR commitment towards the local society

-        Satisfy CCC’s demands for qualified and competent resources

GO Beyond Normal Market Education

-        Broaden the perspective of engineers / architects

-        Applied Software Education

-        Undertake Professional BIM Services / Consultation – CCC & Others

Our values

-        Ethics

-        Collaboration

-        Integrity

-        Acknowledgement

-        Win to Win Policy

-        Fairness

-        Sharing

-        Reward

-        Respect

-        We consider the future

BIM Centers

CCC has established professional BIM Centers - Centers of Excellence, where specialized engineers have been recruited and trained to be able to develop efficiently quality BIM

  • BIM Center Palestine (25 Engineers)
  • BIM Center Cairo (40 Engineers)
  • BIM Center Athens (8 Engineers)
  • BIM Academy - Athens (30 Engineers)
  • BIM Center – Morganti , Danbury, Connecticut
  • BIM Staff in Projects – 110 Engineers
  • United States

BIM Centers – Corporate Centric Approach

  • Enforce Unified BIM Strategies and Policies
  • Applying the same Method of the Recruitment and Selection of BIM Candidates
  • Delivering Common Education and Knowledge Among BIM Resources
  • Ensures the Quality of the Recruited Resources and Motivating them to Adhere to the same QC processes and Workflows
  • Emphasizing and Growing CCC’s Culture and Business / BIM Ethics Among Team Members
  • Ensures Continuous Development and Education
  • Act as a Cost Effective and Robust arm to Enable Prompt BIM Implementations in Project
  • Support Sudden Increase in Workload that can’t be achieved by Limited BIM Resources on Site
  • Develop Corporate Plans and Strategies and Distribute Resources Keeping in Mind CCC Ultimate Benefits
  • Ensuring Cost Efficiency and Competency Relative to Market Standards (Attractive For Clients)
  • Ensure ROI for CCC and its Clients